Services for Organizations

Groups and Professional Advisors

Archer Consulting provides educational training presentations, consulting, and advice for a wide array of organizations providing support to the special needs community.

We partner with attorneys, financial planners, CPAs, and other professional representatives working with families around the country who have loved ones with special needs.  Professional advisors have come to rely on Archer Consulting to consult with them to provide the kind of special expertise that only comes from years of specialization and experience in the field.

The Archer Consulting team can partner with you to design a comprehensive special needs plan and facilitate its implementation to help address the family’s daily needs including:

  • Home and family support
  • Long-term care management
  • Special needs financial planning
  • Crisis intervention
  • Day programs and residential resources
  • Governmental benefits
  • Camps and special schools
  • Next generation advisory services
  • Guardianship and trust planning