Services for Families

Designing a quality Lifetime Care Plan requires a mastery of complex issues.  Comprehensive planning is built upon a foundation of financial and legal security, encompassing all aspects of life for our clients and their families.  The Archer Consulting Group team of experts understands how each step impacts the plan as a whole; our integrated approach charts a course that helps you reach your financial and life care goals.

The Archer Consulting Group specializes in integrated, comprehensive planning for individuals with a disability or special needs.  We work with families to identify options and solutions.  We walk with them through the entire process and act as an ongoing resource for them, and their successor team.

Financial Planning

Providing your loved one the ongoing quality of life they deserve requires sound financial planning and management.  We understand that while you may be supporting a family now, you must also have assets for future care.  Archer Consulting experts will evaluate the cost of long-term care and support, identify strategies to attain the necessary funds, seek to preserve financial assets allocated for the beneficiary’s support, and protect their eligibility for government-provided benefits.

Special Needs Estate Planning

We partner with you to ensure that care continues for the child or adult with special needs after the primary caregiver is no longer able to care appropriately for their loved one due to infirmity or death.  Our team of financial, legal and life care experts will work with you to develop a plan that meets your individual family’s requirements.  Our goal is to ensure the physical, financial and emotional support of your loved one after your death, while also meeting the needs of your other family members.


Fewer than 20% of first-time applicants are awarded benefits. Archer Consulting Benefits Specialists are skilled in navigating the maze of benefits programs that can be so confusing, and will represent your interests in working with government agencies. We can advise on what you should be receiving, complete the application process, provide ongoing management of those benefits and help you to recoup past due funds.

Guardianship and Trust Services

Laws governing Guardianship and Special Needs Trusts are complex. After evaluating your unique family circumstance and identifying your priorities, we work closely with specialized legal counsel to protect the interests of the child or adult with special needs, as well as all family members.

Crisis Intervention and Management

We help families faced with crisis by providing experienced guidance during life’s most difficult challenges. Our thorough evaluation and prioritization of needs, problems, and issues allows our Client Liaisons to work with you to develop a plan that addresses your unique situation and puts both your child or adult with special needs and your family back on a path to a secure future.

Residential Planning and Placement

Archer Consulting Advisors help your family evaluate the best living situation for your loved one. We know the critical questions you need to ask, the critical information you need to review to make the best decision for your loved one with special needs. We coordinate in-home resources, evaluate residential communities, and support you through the entire transition process.

Care Management

Managing the affairs of someone with special needs can be very complicated. Our Client Liaisons can relieve families of a significant burden by providing care coordination, advocacy and monitoring. This may include: coordinating medical and social services and resources, evaluating the appropriateness of trust fund disbursements, identifying potential alternatives for care, conducting regular visits to see your loved one, and providing detailed reports of their well-being.

Program Evaluation

Our team helps families and individuals find the best program for enhancing daily life for your loved one with special needs. Through our many relationships in the special needs and mental health communities, we can offer you an array of quality options that insure that your loved one is happy, safe and productive every day.

Expert Witness

Archer Consulting brings 30 years of professional experience and expertise to advocate on your behalf in all manner of legal proceedings.  We provide expert witness evaluations and testimony in family law, special needs benefits, personal injury and malpractice settlement actions across the United States.


Families caring for those with special needs often experience exceptional stress. Balancing the needs of all family members may require the help of a third party. Archer Consulting Mediation Professionals facilitate resolution in all manner of disputes, including divorce, guardianship, long-term care and trustee issues.

Coaching and Mentoring

Archer Consulting Coach/Mentors are committed to empowering our clients with the life skills they need to become as independent as possible, assisting in areas such as creative employment search and maintenance, goal setting, relational management, bill paying and financial management.  We work together with clients who live with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cognitive Disabilities and Mental Health, and other special needs issues.

Next Generation Advisory Services

We understand the stress involved when a primary caregiver is no longer able to care appropriately for a loved one with special needs. Archer Consulting provides advice and guidance to successor guardians, caregivers and sponsors in the areas of Care and Crisis Management, Residential Placement, Guardianship issues, Trust Advisory, Financial and Benefits Management, and Continuing Plan Revision. Our professionals offer support and relief by helping you understand, prioritize, organize and manage this complex process.