Frequently Asked Questions:FAQs

Q: What is Archer Consulting’s selection criteria to accept a new client?

A:  We partner only with those individuals or families to whom we can provide significant value.  That said we will choose to work with clients who are focused on financial success.  Our clients are our ambassadors and our reputation will only be associated with those who desire a positive financial outcome.

Q: What makes Archer Consulting Group different? 

A:  Three things:  First our planning process is second to none.  We bring our own expertise plus other relevant industry experts all to the same table and all focused inward on the client.  We deliver options and a decision-making framework to our clients – they chose the path to success.  Second – our investment solutions.  As independents we have access to institutional level mutual funds that even the well-known wire-houses don’t.  Finally, through education and systematic guidance our clients completely close the “behavioral gap.”  This is the space between what the market returned… and what you returned.

Q: What is the minimum amount that will be accepted?

 A: Our minimum account size is one million dollars.

 Q: Do you make exceptions?

A: As a rule – no.  However, some exceptional clients may be considered with the understanding that systematic progress will be made toward achieving the minimum requirement.

Q: Why would I use Archer Consulting vs. a large, well-known brokerage firm?

A:  As independent advisors our planning guidance and investment solutions are free from external influence.  In addition to objective solutions, we are able to pick and choose our professional alliances based on what’s best for our clients. This gives our clients a huge advantage and peace of mind knowing the organizations we partner with offer the most efficient solution to their needs.  When a client calls they will speak directly to their financial planner – not a sales or service assistant.   We are not a volume and velocity firm and we reject the “one size fits all” template investment solutions.

Q: Where is the money held?

 A:  Our clients have a choice between Fidelity Investments and Charles Schwab as their custodian.

Q: What investment platform do you use?

 A: As an independent firm we have virtually unlimited access to any and all securities at both the retail and institutional level.  Our primary investment platform is Dimensional Fund Advisors as we believe they provide the most effective means to access the capital markets.  Our clients get the same investment solutions that we as individual investors use for our own assets.