What Goes Up, Must Come Down

By Allan Jaster and Jona Husbands, Principals, Archer Consulting Group

With the DOW, the S&P, and many of the other financial indices above their all-time high, the wise investor now turns to discussions of taking some risk off the table.  It’s only logical and prudent to start toning down a portfolio after it’s ripped off four straight years of positive returns (and working toward a fifth year).  We all know that the streak can’t possibly go on much longer.  You’re not alone in your thoughts.  I typed “2013 market crash” into Google and in 0.31 seconds had 281,000,000 results.   If what you just read is resonating with you, chances are you made an A+ in Physics and at this very moment you’re being tempted to lower your G.P.A. with poor scores in Economics and History. [Read more…]