Closing the Behavioral Gap

By Allan Jaster, Principal, Archer Consulting Group

Allan CropThere are two main components to having a Successful Investment Experience:

1). Good Investments

2). Good Investor Behaviors

Investors won’t make it with just one ingredient – they need both.  In other words, investors can own the world’s greatest portfolio but if they behave poorly their investment portfolio will under-perform.   Conversely, even the best behaviors cannot overcome sub-par investment solutions. [Read more…]

Our Daughter, the Mathematical Poet in Space!

By: Lynette Guinn, Mother and Client

Under the best of circumstances parenting is hard.  I mean H-A-R-D hard!  We entered parenthood with all the preparation and planning of, well, most new parents.  We began parenting our daughter, Kayleigh with a peppy optimism that got us through middle of the night feedings, colic, and sleep deprivation.  We had big dreams for her.  Would she be a poet, an astronaut, or a mathematician? Perhaps she would live her life as a mathematical poet in space!  Anything seemed possible.  [Read more…]