Acquired Brain Injury in an Adult

Archer Consulting Case Study – Acquired Brain Injury in an Adult

Katherine was a 28 year old living her dream of working in various parts of the world teaching English when disaster struck. While working overseas, she began to experience a variety of symptoms, including headaches and vision problems. During a holiday in the United States visiting family, she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. Doctors told her young husband and parents that Katherine suffered from two brain tumors that must be removed immediately. The young couple did not have medical insurance, so her parents negotiated with the hospital and surgeons for private payment to cover the necessary procedures. Thankfully, Katherine’s tumors were found to be benign. However, she was only at the beginning of her new journey as a person with special needs.

The tumors removal had left Katherine with an Acquired Brain Injury. She suffered a variety of cognitive problems and emotional symptoms that required extended rehabilitation. After three years, she was left with permanent damage that impacted her life as well as the lives of those who loved her. She divorced her husband, became dependent on family members, had a mood disorder, short-term memory loss and diminished ability to concentrate on tasks. The stress of the situation had become overwhelming for the family by the time they came to Archer Consulting for assistance.

 Archer Consulting Analysis, Recommendations & Results

The Care Advisor completed an extensive assessment of Katherine’s current situation, as well as her longer-term life goals. Since her parents were supporting her financially and emotionally, they also went through the same process with us. A comprehensive plan was developed for both parties to insure that everyone’s needs and goals were met. Some highlights of the recommendations included:

 Benefits and Resources

Archer Consulting identified a government-sponsored medical insurance that she desperately needed. The Benefits Specialist was quickly able to secure the much-needed coverage, even though Katherine had complicated medical and residency issues. The family had been unaware that she qualified for such coverage and had been paying out of pocket expenses for her of over $1000 per month. Her parents had just saved $12,000 per year.

 Financial Dynamics

Katherine had been driving a family owned car, insured by her parents. The Care Advisor recommended the car be put into Katherine’s name to protect the parents from liability if she was involved in an accident.

 Adult Life Navigation

The changes in Katherine’s life as an adult were difficult for everyone concerned. She wanted to remain independent, but the short-term memory loss and inability to focus on tasks for extended periods of time made this nearly impossible. She began working with an Archer Consulting Adult Life Navigation specialist who came alongside her as a friendly coach, assisting Katherine with goal-setting, life skills and time management, and identifying priorities and relational issues. The two meet once or twice a month, allowing Katherine and her family to focus on a healthy, loving relationship with each other.

 Technical Review

Katherine’s parents were small-business owners. The Financial Advisor identified liquidity issues that impacted their long-term estate planning goals. He also recommended restructuring their risk management plans, allowing them to have peace of mind about what would happen to Katherine when they were no longer able to provide financially for her.

 Lifetime Care Planning

Katherine had been living in her parents’ home, but everyone felt the need for their privacy. The Care Advisor helped the family identify a nearby apartment that provided a safe, yet private, environment for her to be as independent as possible. By continuing to work alongside the Archer Consulting coach, Katherine was able to live by herself while receiving the supports she needed such as help with bill paying, grocery shopping and meal planning.