About Us

Archer Consulting StaffSince our founding, Archer Consulting has been creating lifetime solutions for people with special needs and their families, advisors and support teams.  We do this by listening to our clients and developing  solutions to their unique needs whether it be a comprehensive special needs plan, investment solutions or wealth management, all are based upon your unique goals, expectations, hopes and resources.

With over thirty-five years of experience, our mission is to provide our clients across the country with solutions by providing valuable information, insights and guidance beyond that which is available elsewhere.

We work with parents and other family members to develop Lifetime Care Plans, plans that consider and help all family members. We partner with attorneys, accountants and other professional advisors to decipher  complex special needs planning issues for their clients.  We work with residential communities to help them improve their bottom line and maintain long-term viability; we help companies with employees who have family members with an array of needs; we work with families and individuals to develop a suitable investment portfolio based on your needs and time frames; we work with businesses to analyze and determine what type of qualified plan solution is best and…we do so much more.

Our work extends into many fields because there are many complex issues to resolve.  Comprehensive planning and investing is built upon a foundation of financial and legal security, and encompasses all aspects of life.  The Archer Consulting team of experts understands how each step impacts the plan as a whole; our integrated approach charts a course that helps our clients achieve their financial and lifetime goals.

The challenge is to provide for the highest quality of life that children and adults with special needs and their families deserve,  At Archer Consulting we provide peace of mind for families by creating foundational financial and lifetime care plans for children and adults with special needs – plans that always take the well-being of the entire family into consideration.  We help attorneys and financial professionals who seek highly specialized advice for their clients.  We help human resource professionals at Fortune 1,000 companies who require planning assistance or guidance for employees who have family members with a variety of special needs.  Support organizations come to us seeking timely information and education.  No matter what your situation or where you are located in the U.S., you won’t find a better team in the field of special needs planning than the team at Archer Consulting, nor one with more expertise, experience, caring, and compassion.